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“This letter is for all those people who suffer from pain.  I had a major car accident 15 years ago, which caused severe damage to my neck and back.  I am a casino cocktail server, which has exacerbated my injuries.

In addition, a couple of years ago I was diagnosed with both fibromyalgia and intersticial cystitis. I.C. is a severely painful condition in which tears appear in the bladder.  It is a chronic inflammatory condition, which has, in fact, driven some people to suicide.

I’ve taken a variety of pain medications (including Viodin, a powerful painkiller), none of which did much to relieve the horrible pain.  When I was prescribed morphine, (which I did not accept), I almost gave up hope that I would ever be pain free to the point of living a normal life.  When I first came to Dr. Frank, in addition to Fibromyalgia and I.C., I was suffering from sciatica.  After just a few visits, my sciatica has, for the most part, disappeared.  I am now able to get by on a very low dose non-addictive medication for fibromyalgia, as Dr. Frank has helped with that as well.  He explained that getting and keeping my spine in proper alignment would help my back and neck pain and would improve the health of all my internal organs; particularly my reproductive organs and bladder; and he was absolutely correct.  I am in much less pain now, and I truly thank Dr. Frank for that, and God for leading me to him.”

– M.V.

Chronic Headaches

“I am a kindergarten teacher and am accustomed to constant background noise…it never bothered me.  However, one day I began to have a huge headache.  Some would conclude that it was because of all the noise and stress that comes along with teaching a class full of five and six year olds.  I didn’t know what the cause of it was, just that I needed to take care of it.  I took some Extra Strength Tylenol and my headache went away.

The next day, I began to have another headache.  What worked for me the day before could work again.  And so, I swallowed another Tylenol.  As the days went by, my headaches became chronic and I took the habit of carrying Tylenol with me to end the pain.  I knew this couldn’t be right.  Something was wrong and I didn’t want to bandage the problem temporarily with Tylenol any longer.

I went to see Dr. Frank.  I discovered through x-rays that my neck was crooked.  I learned that a negative curve in my neck was putting unnatural pressure on my nerves and was the cause of my headaches.

After several weeks of adjustments and exercises, my neck is healing. I no longer have those chronic headaches, and I don’t have to carry Tylenol with me anymore! the best part is that I am no longer taking a bandage approach to dealing with pain, but that through knowledge and chiropractic  adjustments my body can actually heal.”

– A.Q.


“A few years ago, my gynecologist informed me that I had pre-osteoporosis, a dangerous condition in which one’s bones begin to lose density and become fragile, often leading to full blown osteoporosis.  My gynecologist prescribed a drug called Miacalcin, which I was to inhale once a day, every day for the rest of my life.

I began to see Dr. Frank in November for low back pain.  The adjustments had such a beneficial effect on me that when i went back to my gynecologist, and after another blood test, she told me that I no longer have pre-osteoporosis and all my blood levels were normal.  She took me off the medication and my bones are now stronger than ever.

I can’t thank Dr. Frank enough for the improvement he has made to my quality of life and I highly recommend him.”

– S.P.


I have been suffering with migraines on and off over the years along with upper backaches.  In the last 8 years the pain has progressed.

About 3 1/2 weeks ago,  a dear friend and co-worker told me about her chiropractor and said that Dr. Frank has worked wonders and that he could help me.

I have been migraine free for 3 1/2 weeks! That alone is healing.  I’m feeling much better each week and I have more energy, too. “

– M.L.A.


“Hi, my name is J.P. and I am 11 years old. I went to 2 Pediatric Neurologists and they both diagnosed me with daily chronic headaches.  I was prescribed 75mg of Elavil for pain.   I still was having headaches, but not as bad.  Then my mom brought me to Dr. Frank.  He helped me a lot with my headaches. Now am feeling very good after coming for 2 months.  I don’t have any headaches and I am a lot happier. Thank you Dr. Frank for helping my headaches.”

P.S.  “By the way, I don’t have to take anymore medication.”

– J.P.

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